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KWC PT92 BB Pistol


KWC PT92 BB Pistol

KWC PT92 BB Pistol

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$229.95 $200.00

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Manufacturer: KWC
Metal, Plastic Grips
2.43 pounds
4.1 inches, Smoothbore
12g CO2
Single Action, Double Action, Semi & Fully Automatic
Ammunition Type:
4.5mm Steel BBs
Ammunition Capacity:
26 rounds
414 /- FPS

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The KWC PT92 BB Pistol at first glance may seem like an airgun replica of a Beretta 92FS, however it is actually based off the Brazilian 92FS copy that was manufactured for law enforcement. The KWC PT92 is a 1:1 replica of the Brazilian-manufactured Taurus PT92 pistol. The attention to detail shines through at a closer look, especially with the ability to field-strip the airgun version and gain access to the hop-up and other internal parts.

The overall build of the KWC PT92 BB Pistol is impressive in its sheer weight and extensive use of metal. The only plastic components are the grip panels (much like the real deal) and a few high-strength ABS internal components. However, the most important and memorable feature of the pistol is the frame-mounted selector switch which allows for semi- and full-auto fire. The crisp and smooth trigger allows the user to line up precision shots or fire a rapid barrage of 26 BBs at the target in an instant. The CO2 powered gas blowback system provides realistic, snappy recoil with every round. Other features include an adjustable hop-up and 26-round drop free magazine.

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Weight 1.393 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16.5 × 4.5 cm