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Alpha A-2 Leather Jacket


Alpha A-2 Leather Jacket

Alpha A-2 Leather Jacket

$599.95 $299.95

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$599.95 $299.95


  • Genuine goatskin leather shell
  • Snap down collar
  • Two lower patch pockets
  • Two side entry pockets
  • One interior welt pocket
  • Knit rib cuffs and waist

Specs & Materials

Fit: Core (Regular)
Length: Above Hip
Weather: Intermediate Weather
Shell: 100% Goatskin Leather
Lining: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester
Care: Have professionally cleaned by leather specialist

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The Alpha A-2 Leather Jacket is one of the jackets that first come to mind when the words “Bomber Jacket” are heard.

Own our version of the legendary leather pilot’s jacket. The A2 leather jacket features premium goatskin leather and high-quality stitching. The bomber features epaulets and plenty of pockets for transporting your gear. This jacket is standard fit so we suggest ordering your typical size. -Alpha Industries

A snippet on the A-2 Leather Jacket from Wikipedia:

“The A-2 was a treasured item to the airman and was worn with as much pride as his wings. As airmen progressed through various duty stations they often added and removed squadron patches, rank marks, and occasionally elaborate artwork depicting the type of aircraft they flew or a copy of the artwork painted on their airplane. Bomber crews often added small bombs to the right front of their jackets indicating the number of missions they had flown. As a result, many jackets ended up with numerous stitch marks as patches of various sizes were removed and replaced when the owner changed units. Unlike Navy aviators, who often wore the patches of every squadron they had ever flown with, AAF personnel could only display the patch of their current assignment. The emblem of the Army Air Forces was often sewn, painted, or applied by decal on the left shoulder, while the shield of the specific Air Force (5th, 8th, etc.) was often displayed on the right.

Despite the A-2s becoming a symbol of the American pilot, in 1943 General Henry H. Arnold canceled any further leather jacket contracts in favor of newer cloth-shell jackets like the B-10 and B-15. Needless to say, Arnold’s popularity with his airmen was not improved by his decision. Even after the transition to cloth, existing units could still order replacement A-2s, keeping production going well into 1944. And it was impossible to prevent airmen from continuing to obtain and wear the style – as demonstrated by the large number of photos clearly showing Korean War pilots of F-82 Twin Mustang and F-86s still wearing the original A-2 issued to them a decade earlier, or newer jackets made to fit their current sizes.”

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Additional information

Weight 1.381 kg
Dimensions 40 × 34 × 14 cm


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