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LD West Original Shoulder Holster (T-FIT)


LD West Original Shoulder Holster (T-FIT)

LD West Original Shoulder Holster (T-FIT)

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$150.00 $100.00

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We have all experienced the discomfort of having our cell phone and wallet in our pockets, especially when sitting down, driving or going about with our daily routines. What the LD WEST team set out to do was to create a stylish but functional and secure solution to a problem that we all face daily – bulging pockets from large phones and wallets. LD WEST was born out of necessity. LD WEST  has created a holster, but with a sleek and modern take on the iconic accessory – one side carries your cell phone, while the other side provides a case with a unique LD WEST wallet. We are the original, one and only LD WEST phone case and wallet holster. -LDWest


  • Card Wallet is included
  • Holster straps are one size fits all with adjustable sliders
  • Includes T-Fit feature
  • Supports a wide range of phones from Apple iPhones to Samsung Galaxy
  • Constructed using PU Leather

LDWest T-Fit Feature: The LD WEST® team has redesigned the classic LD WEST® Original holsters to be worn with a blazer or suit with better functionality. With the addition of a third snap button, the holster cases can now be assembled with the cases hanging vertically as opposed to horizontally. This will further aid in the concealment of the holster when wearing fitted suits and blazers. This feature is now standard on all Original LD WEST® Holsters.

For sizing, please visit the LDWest Size Chart page by clicking here.

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