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Girsan Regard MC, Black

Girsan Regard MC, Black

Girsan Regard MC, Black


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Caliber: 9x19mm (9mm Luger)
Action: Self Loading/Semi-Automatic
Safety: Slide Safety, Decocker
Trigger: Single Action, Double Action
Accessory Rail: No
Firing System: Hammer Fired
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds

Technical Specifications

Weight (w/ Magazine): 874 g/961 g
Weight (Loaded, 124gr FMJ): 1.083 kg
Barrel Length: 125 mm/4.92 in.

Included in Package

  • 2 Mec-Gar Magazines (Made in Italy)
  • 2 Bore Brushes (1 Soft, 1 Brass)
  • Cleaning Rod
  • Gun Oil
  • User Manual
  • Cable Lock

Country of Origin: Turkey

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The Girsan Regard MC is a faithful copy of the Beretta M9 series handguns, a powerful handgun that’s worth buying in its own right, and preferred by many law enforcement agencies around the world, this handgun is great for those who want a Beretta 92 without the premium. Please note: these handguns are close approximations of Beretta M9 handguns but do not share interchangeable parts. The Girsan Regard MC operates with both a single action or double action trigger, for a semi-automatic handgun, this means that that pulling the trigger will automatically pull down the hammer, however you can pull down the hammer manually if desired, and this turns the trigger into a single action trigger.. Many shooters around the world, be it law enforcement or competition, prefer single action triggers, as they are much lighter to pull than a double action trigger on account of the hammer being cocked manually beforehand, the result is a trigger with the sole function of dropping the hammer, leaving you with a light, crisp trigger pull. The Regard MC is chambered like 9×19 Luger, much like the Beretta 92 it’s based off of.

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Additional information

Weight 1.781 kg
Dimensions 29 × 22 × 7.3 cm


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