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Cold Steel Espada Medium, Black XHP

Cold Steel Espada Medium, Black XHP

Cold Steel Espada Medium, Black XHP


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Blade: Carpenter CTS-XHP Alloy
Blade Finish: DLC Coating
Overall Length: 8.5 inches
Blade Thickness: 4mm
Blade Length: 3.5 inches
Handle: G-10
Handle Size: 5 inches
Weight: 155.92 grams

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The Cold Steel Espada Medium, Black XHP is a collaboration between the Cold Steel President himself Lynn C. Thompson, and great custom knife maker Andrew Demko. The blade is flat ground, and made of quality CTS XHP Alloy, a “Super Steel” that is known for its ability to take and hold a fine edge. The blade is DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coated. This gives the already super strong steel even more edge retention and durability, with the added bonus of a matte black finish on the blade that pleases the eye.

A snippet on the Cold Steel Espada Medium, Black XHP:

“A design collaboration between celebrated custom knife maker Andrew Demko and Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson, the Espada series are a perfect amalgam of Demko’s engineering genius and Thompson’s vast knowledge of edged weapons and tools.

The Espada’s beautiful, flat ground, blades are made from premium American CTS XHP Alloy Steel. This USA powdered “super steel” was chosen for its ability to not only take a super-fine cutting edge, but to hold it for an exceptionally long time. Each knife is hand honed to a level of sharpness that is more at home on a surgeon’s scalpel, creating a level of cutting performance that simply is astonishing.” -Cold Steel

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