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World Famous Kukuri Machete

World Famous Kukuri Machete

World Famous Kukuri Machete


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  • 14.5″/37cm carbon steel blade, saw-toothed spine, full-tang construction
  • High-visibility orange anti-slip handle with finger guard
  • Paracord lanyard for easy grabbing and hanging
  • Zippered nylon belt sheath securely stows and protects blade


Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length: 14.5″/37cm
Blade Finish: Semi-Gloss Black
Overall Length: 20″/50cm
Handle Material: High-Impact ABS with Rubber Overmold
Handle Finish: Safety Orange/Black
Sheath Material: Black Nylon

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The World Famous Kukuri Machete is a heavy-duty compact design ideally suited for hiking, camping, hunting, and general outdoor activities. The powder-coated carbon steel blade resists corrosion, offers generous reach, and flexes to absorb harmful shocks from glancing strikes. The high-visibility orange guard protects the hand from impacts and slips, and the saw-toothed spine easily grabs and pulls loose foliage out of the way. When not in use, the Kukuri Machete safely stows away in its zippered nylon belt-loop sheath, protecting both the blade and the user from accidental harm.

Being a Kukuri, the World Famous Kukuri Machete is designed primarily for chopping. The shape on kukuris vary a great deal from being quite straight to highly curved with angled or smooth spines. There are substantial variations in dimensions and blade thickness depending on intended tasks as well as the region of origin and the smith that produced it. As a general guide the spines vary from 5–10 mm (3⁄16–3⁄8 in) at the handle, and can taper to 2 mm (1⁄16 in) by the point while the blade lengths can vary from 26–38 cm (10–15 in) for general use. While designed primarily for combat, Kukris are extremely versatile tools, while being designed primarily for chopping, you can use different parts of the blade for different cutting tasks.

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World Famous

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