The new Cobra style buckle makes removing or putting on the belt a 2 second job, eliminating the need to constantly undo the velcro and buckle. Simply use you forefinger and thumb to quickly release the buckle with the aid of two buttons. The green circle indicator confirms when the buckle is fully inserted and ready to go. The belt provides the ultimate in stability and will not lose tension even with heavy loads. With the double tension offered by the buckle and additional velcro you can rest assured that it will not budge. -Requirements Group

Sizing Chart

  • Small: 31″ to 35″
  • Medium: 35″ to 39″
  • Large: 39″ to 43″
  • X-Large: 43″ to 47″
  • 2X-Large: 47″ to 51″




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Shadow Elite

Additional information

Weight0.296 kg
Dimensions17 × 5 × 8 cm


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